Bikes we've built


Here are some of the motorcycles and various styles we've built over the years. Included are some that were not built by American Custom Cycle but reflect similar work we've done in the past.

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Custom manufactured Harley Davidson
Completely designed and manufactured by American Custom Cycle, this motorcycle was built for an individual who had suffered a broken back and paralysis in a previous motorcycle accident. The front section of the frame is from a 1972 Harley Davidson "swing arm". The rear section is from a 1940's era Indian using the "plunger" suspension. The engine is a 100 cubic inch 4x4 from S&S and the transmission is a 5 speed from Rev Tech. A Rivera pro clutch has been installed to replace the stock Harley clutch .The stock FLH wide glide front end was extended 6” over. PM caliper brakes have been installed front and rear. The rear fender struts were originally from a Harley "Soft tail" frame and adapted to this frame. Both the front and rear breaks are operated from the front break control. The clutch handle is in the normal position and shifting is performed by use of a modified tank shift on the left side. The side car and side car frame were designed and manufactured from scratch by American Custom Cycle.
1949 Custom panhead

This is a 1949 Harley Davidson FLH that was built from scratch and designed to replicate the 1940 – 1950 style. The frame is an original Harley Davidson “wishbone” that has had the original mounts restored. It comes complete with an original “pogo” seat, tool kit, spark plug kit, bull horn and oil filter. The tanks and fenders are replicas. The front end is a stock wide glide. There were several modifications and customizations made to this motorcycle to improve its power, performance, safety and durability. These changes include PM caliper disc brakes front and rear, Rivera Pro clutch; Andrews “J” grind cam, Mallory billet electronic distributor, new 12 volt generator and rectifier, an oil cooler and an S&S carburetor

Fully customized sportster

This 1996 Sportster was brought to us completely stock. The owner wanted a retro look back to the 1960s style chopper. We cut and raked the frame, extended the front end to 12 over, replaced the stock wheel with a 21 inch, lowered the rear section and moved the foot controls back to the center of the bike replicating the early sportster style. In addition, we replaced the stock rear fender with a short “bobtail” and raised the gas tank to sit above the frame. Finally, to increase the capacity of the gas tank, we cut the center section out and re-welded it.

86" custom Knuklehead
Built by Rudy - This is a fully customized 86 cubic inch Harley Davidson Knucklehead. This bike has been featured and taken many awards in motorcycle shows such as the ones sponsored by “Easy rider”. The lower end is a late style utilizing a timken bearing and spline shaft. The cases are from S&S and are of extra heavy construction. The frame was originally from a late style shovel with the swing arm suspension replaced with a rigid rear section. The frame has been stretched 6 inches in the down tubes and 2 ½ inches in the backbone. The neck has been raked 30 degrees. The front end is a 15 over stock girder with a 21 inch front wheel. The rear wheel is a standard 16 inch with “juice” brakes. The primary utilizes a 1 ½ inch belt drive with a chain for the rear drive. The paint is satin black with white pin striping for the flames and dice painted on the sides.

Built by Rudy - This is a 2001 Desperado that has been fully re-worked and customized. This bike has also been featured in several shows such as the one sponsored by “Easy rider” and has taken several awards as well. The engine is a 100 cubic inch RevTech with a 5 speed transmission. It features a primary chain with a belt secondary. The rear tire is a 180 with chrome billit front and rear wheels. It also features tail dragging fenders front and rear. It has a one piece gas tank and drag bars. The frame is manufactured by desperado and features a pearl white paint job with black teardrops outlined in white pin stripping.

2004 Custom Harley Indian blend

Built by American Custom Cycle -This bike has many outstanding features you will never see anywhere else. This includes the only rigid frame built by Indian Motorcycle Corporation for the Indian Chief. It was a prototype for their 2004 line prior to their going out of business. It also has a 92 cubic engine from S&S one of the last ones they built for Indian. Included is a 5 speed RevTech transmission. Both the engine and transmission cases are black and the front end is a custom one combining both Indian and Harley parts. The forks are from Indian while a Harley cowling was placed on it for the headlight and flood light. Brand new Brimbo disc brakes have been installed both front and rear. The rear tire is an Avon 180 (5 inch wide) with spoked wheels front and rear. Custom rear fender mounts were made from chain then chromed, both inner and outer primaries are Indian and chromed. The paint is a pearl white with a grey/silver striping on the fenders and on the design for the tanks

Custom 1975 Shovelhead Heritage

Built by American Custom Cycle – This is a 1975 Harley Davidson shovel head that has been extensively modified. The engine is completely rebuilt and contains new S&S cases, 84 inch stroker kit, 550 Crane cam, 8 3/4 to 1 forged high compression pistons runnibg in 20 over 80" barrels, solid lifters, ported heads that have been dual plugged and has an electronic single fire ignition system with an S&S super “G” carburetor. The motorcycle is a heritage style including a 5 speed transmission, late style softtail frame, and stock front end. It has a custom paint (yellow with art work) as well. This motorcycle was designed and assembled from scratch and fully customized